The Indian Sardine Fish (Sardinella longiceps) is the main raw material used for the manufacture of fish meal and fish oil at Janatha. Abundant supply in excellent quality and high oil content makes this species ideal for the purpose. Caught by a fleet of own boats, the catch is maintained fresh. The Steam Sterilized fish meal produced at our plant is by wet process i.e., raw fish are fed into double jacked steel cookers and cooked by steam. From the cooker the fish is fed into a twin screw press where water…

Research & Development

Recognising the importance to constantly innovate, foresee and fulfill the future developing needs of our customers, Janatha has invested in R & D with an energetic team of well qualified professionals & very sophisticated equipment. We carry out investigative activities with the intention of improving existing processes & products and developing new processes & products to maintain our position as the Leader in the Industry. We have thus been successful in the value addition to products over the years resulting in the production of high value products.