Agro Fertilizer Additives












Fish Protein Hydrolysate (Powder)
Fish Protein Hydrolysate is an excellent amino acid product. It contains min. 80% of hydrolyzed protein. FPH is suitable for all types of plants as a foliar or soil fertilizer. For maximum results, FPH should be used as part of a complete crop or turf management program. FPH is pathogen free, does not contain any fecal coliforms.











Sulphited Fish Oil
Sulphited Fish Oil is an excellent additive for broad-spectrum fungicide and insecticide. It contains natural insecticide killing properties for aphids, citrus rush mites, spider mites, leaf miner, leaf roller, mealy bugs, psyllids, thrips and armored scale. When mixed in water, it gives milky white emulsion.

Winterized Fish Oil

Fish Oil blends with herbal oils will help to Starve and kill insects and pest on contact by disrupting gas exchange (respiration), cell membrane function or structure. Fish oil-based pesticides have no residual activity and must be sprayed directly on the insect or mite. To combat plant fungal pathogens, oils generally must be applied prophylactically prior to infection. Repeated applications of oils may be needed to achieve desired levels of control.


Fish Protein Hydrolysate (Liquid)
FPH – Organic fertilizer additive provides a rich source of nutrients that slowly break down and release nitrogen in to the soil. It is designed for use along with the current fertilizer. This natural product is run through an 80 mesh screen to make sure it will not clog your sprayer  and will spread evenly during application.


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