Sulphited Fish Oil

Sulphited fish oil is made from cold filtered, deodorized  fish oil. Sulphited fish oil has an important application in leather tanning industry. It is used to lubricate animal hides to make it soft. It can be used alone or with other anionic fat liquors in the fat liquoring process. Due to its good compatibility with other synthetic/vegetable fat liquor, it can also be used for making various types of fish oil based fat liquors according to customer requirement.

Sulphited fish Oil
Parameters Specifications
Appearance Brown colored liquid
Dry Content 85 ~90%
PH 6 +/- 1
SO3 2 Min
Stability Stable to hard water up to 3000ppm

Standard Packing: 120 Kgs/200 Kgs HDPE Barrels
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