Fat Liquors

Fat Liquors

Fish Fat Liquors

Fat liquors play a very important role in the Leather tanning process. Fish oil base/fat liquors are used where exceptional softness is required. According to the requirement of our valued customers, we have developed three fish oil-based fat liquors in different concentrations. All of these products have very good softening property, excellent penetration and electrolyte stability. We export our products to various destinations like Africa, Latin America, South East Asia, Middle East and Europe. All of our products have a shelf life of at least one year and are available in different packing. Details of product specifications will be available upon request.

Cold Filtered, deodorized Sulphited Fish Oil-1 based Jupiter FO3 is absolutely free from APEO (Alkylphenol ethoxylates) for a wide range of Leathers. It is compatible with other anionic fat liquors and it is stable to various Electrolytes.


  • Softness: Jupiter Fo3 is a highly concentrated Sulphited Fish Oil-1 fat liquor. By means of a special treatment applied on its base, Jupiter FO3 is fully odourless. It’s very high softening power makes it ideal for basic fat liquoring to be applied on leather where a special effect of softness is required.
  • Fullness: A well-balanced full handle is obtained by using Jupiter Fo3.

  • Handle: The leather has a round & warm handle.
  • Fish oil base fat liquors are available in different grades depending on concentration. We produce 80%, 70% and 60% concentrate fat liquors.