Organic Marine Nutrient Crude


Janatha Fish Soluble Paste

There’s saying which goes that the roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness. Janatha Organic Marine Nutrient Crude is one such product that enriches your soil with the goodness of moisture and balanced nutrients. It is a nutrient enzyme which is extracted from the fish. Fish is considered the most healthiest foods on the planet. As we all know its loaded with important nutrients, fish fertilizers offer a source of burn-free nitrogen, along with the other primary nutrients of phosphorus and potassium. The combination of soil and Janatha Organic Marine Nutrient Crude helps the plant receive the primary and secondary nutrients resulting in steady plant growth which will withstand diseases and pest issues.

Organic Marine Nutrient Crude

  • Organic Fish Fertilizer.

  • The unique manufacturing process protects the, proteins, minerals and amino acids.

  • It is a source of all the micro and macro nutrients naturally found in fish.


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is one such product that enriches your soil with the goodness of moisture and balanced nutrients.

Benefits of Organic Marine Nutrient Crude

Janatha Fish Soluble Paste

  • Janatha Organic Marine Nutrient Increases Seed Germination
    One of the important and fundamental aspects of plant life cycle would be seed germination. Organic Marine Nutrient Crude when mixed with the soil boosts the seed germination along with early robust seedling. It also improves healthy root systems.
  • Janatha Organic Marine Nutrient Crude helps in Promoting plant growth
    Organic Marine Nutrient Crude buffers the soil by enhancing the PH levels to the range at which the nutrient availability becomes optimum. Organic Marine nutrient Crude boosts the soil fertility as it has a rich source of natural nitrogen along with rich naturally available micro and macro nutrients which promotes plant vigour. It improves the soil structure resulting in soil fertility which can counter natural decrease in soil fertility with the presence of organic matter.
  • Janatha Organic Marine Nutrient Crude Increases Soil Microbial Activity and Earthworms
    The positive effect of Organic Marine Nutrient Crude is that it increases the soil microbial Activity and earth worms. And we all know earth worms are considered as ecosystem engineers. Earthworms promote litter decomposition, nitrogen (N) mineralisation and water infiltration, as a result of their feeding and burrowing habits, and therefore deeply affect soil properties. Earthworms are thus builders of habitats for other organisms, which establish them as physical or allogenic engineers. Earthworms have a direct and important effect on the soil micro biota through their nutrition. Fungi and bacteria break down nutrients and make it and then loosen the dirt as available for the root plants .Their key role would be to reproduce, process nutrients and decay, leaving soil aerated with improved levels of organic matter.
  • Janatha Fish Soluble Paste

  • Janatha Organic marine Nutrient Crude Increases fruiting and Flowering.
    Organic marine Nutrient Crude doubles your harvest as we all know for a result like this we need fertile biologically active soil and with the help of our Organic marine Nutrient you will get a long lasting effect and also an immediate benefit of plant food .It increases the yields as we know fish contains nitrogen and phosphorous which is an excellent source for healthy fruits ,vegetables and Flowers.
  • Janatha Organic marine Nutrient Crude works just like the Rabbit and Tortoise Tale
    It’s slow and steady yet it will win the race unlike a chemical fertilizer which tends to be fast yet harms the soil and damages the plant. They are easy and safe to use. Accelerates the root growth. As the breakdown happens the soil is aerated with organic matters which help the plant grow faster and stronger in light airy soil.
  • Janatha Organic marine Nutrient Crude activates soil micro flora
    Micro flora plays a major role in the biochemical transformation of manure during treatment of soil. Organic marine Nutrient Crude is a solution for rehabilitating the degraded cropland soils. Organic Micronutrient Crude when mixed with soil improves the microbial community structure and heterogeneity of degraded soil.
  • Janatha Organic marine Nutrient Restores biological balance in the soil.
    Organic marine Nutrient Restores biological balance in the soil. Micronutrients are essential elements required for the plant. Natural soil is full of life .A rich soil will contain tens and thousands of different species. Organic marine Nutrient helps in a paradigm of soil formation which will make it possible to grow healthy crops with fewer inputs making our faming twice as profitable along with a social cause of helping and protecting mother earth.
  • Janatha Organic marine Nutrient speeds up the root growth.
    The organic matter can be increased in your soil by adding the Organic Marine Nutrient which in turn acts as plant root promoter. The composition of Organic marine Nutrient composition induces the root formation process resulting in easy uptake of nutrients from the soil providing you a healthy crop.
  • Janatha Fish Soluble Paste

  • Janatha Organic marine Nutrient adds more greenery and helps in Photosynthesis process.
    As we go all organic, we support the natural process of enriching the soil with a new and a healthy solution of using Organic marine Nutrients. It supercharges your plants and helps the atmosphere by releasing less Methane by your crops. As we all know plants turn carbon dioxide into sugar during the process of photosynthesis our Organic marine Nutrient s helps the hungry plant.
  • Janatha Organic marine Nutrient is a disease and pest resistance.
    As the plants receive the necessary nutrients it will experience a strong plant growth which helps the plants to withstand disease and pest issue.

Texture: Semi Vicious Liquid
Colour: Brown
Odour: Pleasant Fish Odour
Viscosity: Free Flowing at room temperature
Solubility: Partially Soluble in water
Recommended For: Drip/Drench

Analytical Specification for Organic marine Nutrient crude.

Parameter Unit Result
Protein g/100g (%) 35
Nitrogen(N) g/100g (%) 6
Phosphorus(P) g/100g (%)) 1
Potassium(K) g/100g (%) 1
pH 6.5
Total Organic Carbon g/100g (%) 25
C:N Ratio 4:1
Sulphur(S) g/100g (%) 0.8
Sodium (Na) g/100g (%) 1.5
Calcium(Ca) mg/kg (ppm) 27
Magnesium mg/kg (ppm) 24
Ferrous mg/kg (ppm) 40
Manganese mg/kg (ppm) 5
Zinc mg/kg (ppm) 20
Copper mg/kg (ppm) 5
Boron mg/kg (ppm) 13
Molybdenum mg/kg (ppm) 0.5

Direction For Use:

Method of Application: Drenching/Drip Irrigation.

Add 1 Kg organic marine nutrient in 200 Litre of water
Mix Organic marine Nutrient and water thoroughly.
Drench the mixed Organic marine Nutrient and water all around the plant soil accordingly.

Frequency of Application:

Recommended to use at 5Kg/Acre through drip irrigation/Drenching in 4-5 Splits.

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