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Fish Amino acid with Chelated Micronutrients

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Fish Amino Acid with Micronutrient

Fish amino acid with micro nutrients are formed by a nutritional element required by a plant with one or more Amino acids to form a new molecule that is readily accepted by plants and delivers the nutrient with high efficiency. It passes through the chemical and physical barriers in plants with a very high degree of efficiency. It is widely used as base fertilizer in all kinds of agriculture crops.


The different kinds of micronutrients with fish amino acid. Available as per your requirement and request

• Mix mineral Fish Amino Acid- (Zn-3%,Fe-2%, Mn-1%,B-0.5%)

• Zinc Fish Amino Acid- Zn-12%

• Copper Fish Amino Acid- Cu-12%

• Calcium Fish Amino Acid- Ca-10%

• Magnesium Fish Amino Acid- Mg-6%

• Manganese Fish Amino Acid- Mn-12%

• Ferrous Fish Amino Acid- Fe-12%

• Boron Fish Amino Acid- B-10%


  • 25Kg LDPE Bags.


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